After 35 years in business, we know and value the importance of transparency and communication within our GCP community. ❤️
Back to school has been rough on our team. Typically our team has enough members to bounce back after our summer staff returns to school. Unfortunately this year things are different. ❤️
The lack of people in the workforce is like nothing we've experienced before. Unfortunally this shortage of employees is causing us to have to close on Sundays. This will allow our hardworking, dedicated team to get proper rest and family time each week.
We hope and pray this is very temporary. We are actively seeking applicants full-time/part-time. Both back of house and front of house.
We can't thank you enough for weathering this new chapter with us. We are very much so looking forward to growing our team and getting Grand Central pack open seven days a week.
This change is effective immediately. We will be closed Wednesday & Sunday this week and every week moving forward until we are able to hire new team members. ❤️ THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT❤️